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Chayed Creates Free Pixels

Pixel art. Free Assets. Professional Assets. Live Web Examples. Lifetime Support. · By Chayed-Creates


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A New Asset Pack Approacheth: The Epic Space Shooter
What Is This? Joining me now on my pixel artting endeavors is an artist who typically goes by the name Meyonto, online. Really, it's my sibling April Wolfe. Wit...
Another Reformatting - Creating Customer Relationships
Chayed Creates Collections Recently I made a major update about changing the price of the main package on this page, but thought that it was a tad unfair and de...
A New Format, For Just a Little More
Chayed's Free Pixels is going to be upgraded by including a lot of art assets soon. By providing for my family, I'm going to be more actively adding to this pac...
New Tilesets! (And an entire game)
Along with some new tilesets, I've also included the art assets from Machine Minds! :) Please comment and let me know what you think of these new additions, an...
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The Castlevania Themed Addition
This Castlevania Themed addition was due in part of my interest in making a Castlevania inspired action platformer. Its not a huge package, but is a good start...
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