A New Format, For Just a Little More

Chayed's Free Pixels is going to be upgraded by including a lot of art assets soon. By providing for my family, I'm going to be more actively adding to this pack, and change the bottom price to 1$ a download. If it seems that this payment system doesn't work within the next month, I'll be dropping it back down to free and, instead, adding themed pixel art collections in separate packages for a small price. These collections would be similar to the recent Machine Minds inclusion in the main package, which is that they'd be assets to fill an entire game, rather than just bits and pieces as is seen in the rest of the package. 

As you can see, in this bundle, there exists many pixel art assets to create games with. As my art skills grow, and as I continue to develop games, I add to my collection, and share it with the community. I'd like to, from here on out, help more by always including these game themed art bundles, where I'll be experimenting and creating new art styles to share with you. I'd like to create mock-ups of plausible uses for the art, but give you legal creative freedom to choose what you will do with it.

Anyways, while it is subject to change, my new model will not be completely free. I have a family with two beautiful children, and they deserve the world <3. Still, your trust means a lot to me, as a creator. I hope that you're able to understand and appreciate my decision, and I thank everyone for all the help getting me to where I am now. You make my little "career" what it is, and you make this art happen.

Until next art collection, this has be The Chayed
Smell ya later!

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