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Recently I made a major update about changing the price of the main package on this page, but thought that it was a tad unfair and decided against it. Instead, I'm going to move to using the main package that exists right now for download as the "Example Package", just tid-bits of tiles like what the package already includes. 

Those unique tilesets aren't usable together, and between each tileset they each contain only one core theme. That means you'd either have to commission me or another artist to expand it to be practically used within a game. That's a big no-no for me, personally. If I were to buy any kind of collection of art assets (like many), I'd either go with something that contains enough content to make a game (Kenney's Game Assets, for example), or just commission an artist to make unique art that fits my game.

So, that all being said, my final model is: 

  • One free package that contains multiple styles of tilesets, at different sizes, that don't really fit together and each are an example of it's respective whole package. 
  • All old tilesets that won't have an expanded collection will be included in a folder within the main package as (singles), and this part might be expanded later if I feel inspired to make something I don't want to expand on for whatever reason.
  • Multiple collections that have different prices determined by my own preference, trying to remain fair at all times.

In the picture above, you can see that the content that I want to provide is high in quality. I don't want any of my customers to feel like they aren't getting what they pay for. If you're a paying customer, you deserve the best return for your investment, and I hope that as a creator I'm able to provide that. 

All Chayed Creates Collections will include:

  • Tilesets/Backgrounds and Sprites for various worlds of many different themes (with as much variation as possible, including biomes and culture; and a unique core theme like "Solarpunk", or "Cute Fantasy" like the provided example.)
  • Sprites of characters and enemies respective to the world's themes.
  • Menu and UI elements
  • And lastly, an example project (created in Construct 2) of the artwork being used in a playable project. This example might be included on this page as an embedded game to demonstrate the artwork you're purchasing.

Hopefully this package will be something that buyers and donors can appreciate. Your patronage means everything to me. 

Many thanks,

The Chayed

~Smell ya later

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