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Welcome to the home base of the ever expanding collection of pixel art created by Chad Wolfe! All assets can be bought, royalty free, for one flat price. You're not just buying the assets included, but also assets yet to come!

This asset pack is more a collection of asset packs, just so I can simplify my workflow a bit. 

What Styles of Assets?

  • Castle of Shadows
    • A platformer pack inspired by Castlevania
  • Epic Space Shooter
    • A space shooter pack inspired by R-Type
  • GBMon
    • A Turn based RPG pack inspired by Pokemon Red and Blue
  • Top-Down RPG
    • A Action RPG pack inspired by Legend of Zelda
What Kinds of Assets

Each pack is yet to be completed, but they're updated weekly

  • Animated Sprites of Characters and Objects
  • Backgrounds
  • Tilesets
  • UI/HUD elements
  • And more!


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Castle of Shadows.zip 33 kB
Epic Space Shooter.zip 438 kB
GBMon.zip 862 bytes
Top-Down RPG.zip 1 MB
Grassland_Tileset.zip 79 kB
Wooden UI.zip 13 kB

Development log


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hello, just got this pack and its missing castle of shadows and top down rpg. thanks

:o Oh no! I'm so sorry, I'll send you a coupon code to DL it for free after I figure out what happened.

actually, you should be able to DL them now :) 

Please let me know if it will let you download them now!

thank you kindly, they are there now. I appreciate ya

Of course! :) Thank you for your patronage!

Beautiful pixel art!

Thank you very much :)