This preview demo is not an accurate depiction of the quality of the end product, it is only an example of the general direction of the game's mechanical design.

Machine Minds is a problem solving resource management game. You must construct an efficient machine to defeat the endless onslaught of viral enemies.

Strategize Big or Go Home

In this Tower Defense game, you string towers together in a connected sequence using tubes. Tower's pass resources and information between eachother to function, so you must manage your towers strategically to stay on top of the game. 
Be weary, though. Towers sometimes have a hard time handling things they weren't built for. Are you sure you're prepared for this?

Modding and Logging

You have full creative control here. You can call functions withing the Log, and build your own towers with pure Javascript. Yupp, you have direct access to tower functionality. You can make new ones. Or cheat. You'll probably cheat.

Graphs and Crafts

I've given you a lot of tools to use to see what's coming, help handle it, check your machines performance, and even craft better ones. Yeah, I really feel like I'll need to hold your hand here. Just don't give up!

Development and Personal Life

This is where I get a little personal. Hi, I'm Chad Wolfe. I'm a game developer from Denver, Indiana, and I've spent most of my life with the goal of making games. I always thought: "I'm going to be the best!" when I was a child... Well, you can take one look at this game and see that's not necessarily true. I'm no Iwata or Notch. I'm not a wizard, but my hearts still in it.

My goal with this game is to kickstart my career. I want to make a game that's loved by many, and I need help to do it. I need your help to not only share this through tweets and every day conversation, but by really giving me all of your opinion, and don't be shy. I NEED to improve, and I can't improve on anything I don't know about. :) So, please, start a discussion. If you've got a problem or advice, or are simply sharing love for the game, please join the discussion here. 

That all being said, my wife is 26 weeks into her pregnancy, and we're having a beautiful baby girl named Carly, with one already at the age of 2 named Cameron. Bear in mind that I can't work on this full time right now, and that I appreciate your patience with me in the development of my game. Please read the devlog for more info on myself and the games development, and thank you again!

~Chad (The Chayed) Wolfe

Development log