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Rebuild The World

Howdy ho neighbor! Welcome to Tales of Iron and Steam, or TIS for short! ATM this is a one man effort to attempt to create a more modern Dark Cloud game. I'm a huge fan of Dark Cloud, and my goal is to create a game that captures what I love about the games without being a straight rip off. 

There will be some key differences between this game in the Dark Cloud game, but the basically formula will be the same. Explore ProcGen dungeons, battle enemies, level your characters and gear, return to the town and use the items you found during dungeoneering to rebuild!

The World of Alonevia

A world in the middle of an industrial revolution! With inventions such as cars, trains, robots? and many more! In this world, you'll use the tools given to you to help this revolution take place, and overcome evil with the use of Steam Powered Machines!


  • Pocedurally Generated
  • Levels with different play styles! Including:
    • Roguelike
    • Tower defense
    • Kart racing!?
    • And much more!
  • City building! Features:
    • Building houses and important buildings and landscaping
    • Energy management and mechanics
    • Creation of factories and other buildings that enable the creation of weapons, vehicles, towers, and more!
  • A story!
    • Not much to say on this part just yet, but don't worry, I'm looking for help with writing, I'll make sure this thing gets the narrative treatment it deserves!

Hey, you!

Now that you've made it this far, how about joining the conversation here in the forums? I'll make a Discord server soon, so you can join our little army there too!
I need your help to make this thing happen, I don't need your money, just emotional support. :)

Development log